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Founded in 1986 by Dr. Thomas B. Swearingen, PhD., EHS-Alaska, Inc. is an employee owned small business enterprise, and the recognized leader in the application of professional engineering and industrial hygiene practices in buildings and the work environment. EHS-Alaska works with building owners, employers, and design consultants to:

  • Provide cost effective design solutions to identify, minimize, and eliminate hazards from asbestos, lead paint, PCB’s, Mercury, and other potential hazards,
  • Establish procedures to increase workplace safety and improve human comfort,
  • Comply with environmental and occupational safety and health regulations, and
  • Perform “good faith” and “due diligence” surveys for use during renovation or demolition projects and property transfers.

EHS-Alaska Staff

Robert A. French, P.E.

Principal-In-Charge President, EHS-Alaska, Inc., Board of Directors

Mr. French has served as the Principal-in-Charge and Senior Project Manager on projects involving asbestos and lead paint consulting services at EHS-Alaska, Inc. during the past 37 years.

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Cali J. Stariwat

Chief Operating Officer, Secretary, EHS-Alaska, Inc. Board of Directors

Ms. Cali J. Stariwat joined the EHS-Alaska team in 2019 as an Administrative Assistant and brought a wealth of knowledge to the firm as she quickly moved into a more prominent role as the Chief Operating Officer.  

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Travis W. Hubbard

Project Manager

Travis W. Hubbard is a Project Manager with EHS-Alaska.  Mr. Hubbard brought more than 30 years of broad experience in the environmental industry to EHS-Alaska in 2023.  He has been conducting hazardous building materials surveys for more than 25 years. 

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Rob G. Klaswick

Building Inspector

Rob G. Klaswick is a building inspector professional who brings 10 of years of valuable experience ranging from large corporate construction and military construction sites, as well as residential home renovation projects.

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John H. Lamont

AutoCAD/Building Inspector

John has recently returned home to Alaska from working several years in Portland Oregon. He is our head AutoCAD technician with over seven years’ experience in construction and civil engineering. John has experience drafting and executing infrastructure design and drawings.

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